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About Us


Your Hosts: Molly Conaway-Smith and Philip Smith.

SPA 902 has been in business since February 2007, flourishing through its commitment to structure and excellence and being one of the finest spas on Florida's Space Coast. The concept sustaining SPA 902 is the result of extensive experience in the beauty and wellness industry by its owners. Molly became aware of a great need in the marketplace; a need that was not being met as a general rule. Attempting to fulfill this need goes beyond the concept of providing good service and is the cornerstone of SPA 902.


SPA 902 is a full service spa, dedicated to providing the highest caliber of services to its clients. Its interest is only excellence. Everyone at SPA 902 ceaselessly strives to be exceptional. Our clients are the emphasis of everything we are about, and we place our highest value on them. Being thus committed, everyone at SPA 902 is exceptional.


See the Spa

Take a video tour of Spa 902. Come experience the essence of pure relaxation, in our luxury spa.

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